Do you seek a reliable and accessible resin solution of ground for your next project?

Resin flooring

RENOBUILD, leader in its market, manufactures and installs resin floors since 1981 in all sectors of INDUSTRY, but also in commercial areas, in the service sector, parking lots, etc … in all of Belgium and northern France.

Any customer request begins with a rigorous technical expertise of each project: the state of the substrate, the future use of the premises, abrasion resistance, mechanical and chemical constraints, industry-specific regulations, temperature conditions, humidity conditions, cleaning conditions, slip resistance, slopes, etc.

Renobuild always offers its customers the best investment through its various technical solutions for every problem encountered: film coating, self-leveling coating epoxy or polyurethane, epoxy mortar microchape.

Various types of synthetic resin exist. Each type has its areas of application and its specific properties. Renobuild searches, designs and constantly develops sustainable formulations based on epoxy and polyurethane (PU).

Most components for synthetic resin floors are stored by Renobuild in its own warehoure of industrial resin floors in optimum conditions of temperature and humidity.

Renobuild works with its own team of installers, with professional equipment and reliable partners.

At the forefront of technological innovation with its Research and Development unit, Renobuild constantly provide the best solutions to the floors with specific needs and to the stringent mechanical and chemical industry requirements.

Avec ses propres équipes compétentes depuis plus de 30 ans, du matériel professionnel, ses propres magasins mais surtout grâce à son expérience unanimement reconnue, le choix d’une resine de sol, RENOBUILD représente une valeur ajoutée pour votre projet.


RENOBUILD is perfectly equipped to guarantee optimum service in all types of industrial applications.



Together with its supplier, RENOBUILD has developped its own flagship product: a decorative mortar Microchape.



RENOBUILD film-forming coatings can be applied to new surfaces exposed to light loads.

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RENOBUILD self-leveling resin floors offer a durable solution for the surfaces exposed to specific requirements in the industry and the service sector.

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Renobuild offers decorative and acoustic resin solutions for all non-industrial premises.