Technical analysis

Together with its supplier QUARTZLINE, RENOBUILD has developed its flagship product: a decorative Micro-chape mortar floor. Epoxy mortar floors present the following features and advantages:

  • Very decorative: colored quartz embedded in epoxy
  • Highly resistant to scratches
  • Good resistance to UV
  • Short-term installation (e.g. 500 to 1000 m² in 4 days)
  • Pedestrian traffic after 2 days only
  • No joints, even for bieg areas
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good resistance against rising damp.
  • Very durable (resistant to trans pallet and forklift transport)
  • Modern floor system, HACCP standard
  • Thickness: 5 mm (floated with helicopter machine)
  • Can be placed on existing tiles, concrete or screed, even on asphalt
  • Ideal for multipurpose halls, media libraries, libraries, receptions, exhibition halls, commercial areas, etc.
  • Ideal for humid premises (e.g. commercial kitchens, food industry, chemical industry, catering premises, etc.)

Every situation is different and requires a bespoke analysis: RENOBUILD helps you select the best technical and economic solution.


Application of the micro-screed.

Floating with helicopter machine.

Final result.

Decorative mortar plinth.