Technical analysis

Renobuild self-leveling resin floors offer a durable solution for surfaces that are exposed to specific loads in various industries: heavy loads, chemicals, heavy traffic, electrostatic charges, slippery floors, etc.

Every situation is different and requires a bespoke analysis.

These semi-thick coatings are applied with a squeegee. They can be used to create or renovate all kinds of interior floors.

They can be smooth, rigid , semi-rigid or flexible, depending on the desired destination.

These coatings are applicable on different substrates (concrete , screed , tiles, asphalt mixes …) with substrate-specific preparations ( shot blasting, grinding, planing , …) to ensure optimal holding.

They have good mechanical and chemical resistance, are anti-dust, and come in different finishes : smooth, “orange peel” texture or anti-slip with skin roughness .



Substrate Preparation.

Application of the primary layer.

Application of the self-leveling layer.

Application of the topcoats.