Renobuild synthetic resin floors offer durable solution for surfaces that are exposed to specific loads in different industries: heavy loads, chemicals, heavy traffic, electrostatic charges, slippery floors, etc.
Each situation is different and requires a bespoke technical analysis.

Renobuild also offers its customers solutions of epoxy and polyurethanes self-leveling resins, decorative, acoustic, and decorative epoxy resin mortars for applications in the following areas:

  • Education (schools, colleges, universities)
  • Medical (hospitals, clinics ) and paramedical
  • Retirement homes (ehpad, etc …)
  • Commercial areas (supermarkets, hyper, specialty shops, …)
  • Leisure complex (swimming pools, ice rinks, bowling alleys , …)
  • Concert venues (theaters, cinemas, concert halls)
  • Parks (Theme parks, zoos, …)
  • Media libraries, libraries
  • Offices (open space, corridors, cafeterias, …)
  • Reception areas
  • Headquarters (meeting rooms, conferences …)
  • Public buildings
  • Public and private car parks
  • etc …

With its competent teams for over 40 years, professional equipment, its own warehouses but mostly thanks to its widely recognized experience , choosing Renobuild represents an added value to your project.

Renobuild advises you every step of your project and help you to choose the best technical and economical solution.

Some achievements

University building.

Commercial area.

Swimming pool & Bowling.

Congress and spectacles room.